Water Is The Best Charity!

More than 16 million people in Yemen, including 8.47 million children, urgently need access to clean and safe water.

Yemen Emergency Appeal

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Let’s Build a Better World Together.

Yemen Aid is working on the ground, directly delivering humanitarian aid to at-risk families in need.

General Funds

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Growing Sustainable Solutions

Amidst Yemen's ongoing conflict, we are pioneering sustainable solutions.

Women’s Economic Empowerment

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Childern in need of humanitian assistance

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Without access to sufficient medical care

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People lack clean water and sanitation.

71- 0 %

Yemen is currently living in poverty

Who We Are

Yemen Aid's Advocacy and Humanitarian Commitment

Through humanitarian help in Yemen and campaigning on international and professional platforms, we have persistently promoted the Yemeni message. We believe Yemen's requirements are complex and vital to its residents' livelihoods.

Our Impactful Programs

Building Brighter Futures


Yemen's The Struggle for Clean Water

Battling Disease, Fostering Resilience, and Rebuilding Lives.

Food Security

Millions Face Hunger, Children Suffer, and Families.

As conflict continues across Yemen, hunger and starvation surges at unprecedented levels.

Clean Water & Hygeine

Yemen's The Struggle for Clean Water

Battling Disease, Fostering Resilience, and Rebuilding Lives.

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Empowering Yemeni Women: Restoring Hope, Building Futures

The contribution of women in society is immeasurable.


Rebuild Schools and Empower Youth Education

Yemen Aid is determined to rewrite the narrative for the nation's youth.


A Path to Sustainable Development and Resilience

Yemen’s health sector remains almost non-existent since the start of the civil war in 2014.

Sustainable Development & Livelihood

Rebuilding Yemen: to Sustainable Development

By supporting them to restore their confidence and hope through economic opportunities.


Yemen Aid's Zakat initiative

Your Zakat has the power to bring hope, relief, and positive change to those who need it the most.

Advocacy, Aid, Action with Yemen Aid

Bridging Hearts, Rebuilding Hope

We have worked tirelessly to bring the Yemeni message to the international community through humanitarian relief on the ground in Yemen and through our various advocacy work on international and professional platforms.

Latest Updates

Upcoming events

Kickstarting a nationwide effort to support education through awareness and resource mobilization.

Fundraising event to support critical humanitarian initiatives.

Promoting health initiatives and awareness.

Yemen Aid has truly been a beacon of hope in the lives of countless families. Their dedication to making a positive impact is both inspiring and commendable. I am proud to support their noble mission.

Johnathan S.

As a volunteer, I've experienced Yemen Aid's dedication and professionalism. Despite hardships, their dedication to making a difference is evident.

Carlos R.

Yemen Aid's educational programs demonstrate their belief that knowledge can end poverty. I'm grateful to work for an organization that values education for a better future.

Aisha H.

Yemen Aid's health programs are making a significant impact on vulnerable populations. Their approach to healthcare in crisis zones is comprehensive and has the potential to bring about lasting change.

Elena G

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