New York – Yemen Aid, a Yemeni-American humanitarian organization that responds to the crisis in
Yemen, announced that they have received a $1.475 million in-kind medical shipment donation from
Direct Relief to combat COVID-19 in several provinces across Yemen.

This shipment comes at a crucial period since the start of Yemen’s conflict in 2014 which has
devastated the health sector completely. As COVID-19 continues to spread on a community level, the
country faces lack of testing kits and supplies needed to properly care for COVID-19 patients. Yemen
Aid’s CEO, Summer Nasser, states “The health sector is facing an overwhelming problem that they
cannot solve without the support of partners and the international community.”

Critical supplies in the shipment consist of 150 oxygen concentrators and 5 portable ventilators which
will support patients in specialized COVID-19 facilities that have breathing troubles from the illness.
Additionally, the shipment contains thousands of PPE supplies including N-95 masks, face shields,
digital thermometers and gloves. The PPE supplies will support frontline workers and medical staff in
the midst of the pandemic at COVID-19 facilities in Yemen.

Yemen Aid coordinated with the Embassy of Yemen to the United States to secure the shipment for
an OCHA flight, which will depart from Dubai to Aden within the next few days. The Ministry of Health
in Aden has also been contacted by Yemen Aid representatives which assisted in identifying 16
provinces with designated COVID-19 facilities that will benefit from the medical supplies.

About Yemen Aid: Yemen Aid is a tax exempt organization in the United States and an internationally
licensed humanitarian organization in Yemen by the Ministry of Planning and International Planning.
For additional information, including how to donate, visit

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